Chaos Sorceror, Hulking
150 exp
MC: 1350 ML: 2700 MP: 5400
GIFTS: Warped Appearance

WS 45
BS 38
St 36 +30 from armour, 66
To 44
Ag 44 -20 from armour, 24
In 30
Pe 50
WP 51
FS 38

Infamy 10
Corruption 23
Wounds 0/18

Pride: Devotion
Disgrace: Hubris
Motivation: Ascendancy

To Gifts: +5 P (U), Combat Sense (U), Ancient Warrior (U)
Mind over Matter (U), Glimpse (U), Preternatural Awareness (U)


Precognition (Concentration)
Half/Free, Psyniscience +10
2xPsy as bonus to evasion

Precognitive Dodge (Concentration, Reaction)
React, Perception -10

Doombolt (Attack, Concentration)
20m/Psy Half, WP
Barrage, 1d10+Psy E, Pen8

Mind over Matter (Concentration, Rapid Push is Attack)
5m/Psy, Half/Half WP (Rapid Push is +10)

Glimpse (None)
Half, Psyniscience
5xPsy bonus to next non-evasion skill test before end of next turn

Preternatural Awareness (Attack, Concentration)
Half/Free, Psyniscience
Gain Unnatural Perception (Psy), bonus to initiative = degrees of success on focus power

Focus Power: Characteristic, +5/Psy, +10 (Staff)

Athletics (S)
Awareness (P)
CL War (I)
Dodge (A)
FL Adeptus Astartes (I)
FL The Horus Heresy (I)
FL Long War (I)
FL Psykers (I)
Ling Low Gothic (I)
Nav Surface (I)
Op Surface (A)
Parry (WS)
Psyniscience (P)
Scrutiny (P)
SL Occult (I)

No penalty to actions with off-hand

Bulging Biceps
Does not need to Brace, +20 to Athletic Heft

Legion Weapon Training

Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight)

Nerves of Steel
Reroll failed Pin tests, +10 against intimidation

Quick Draw
Pistol, Basic and 1H-Melee weapons ready as free action

Resistance (Cold, Heat, Poisons)

Unarmed Warrior
Unarmed deals 1d10 I, Primitive (7)

Ancient Warrior
Veteran of the Long War

Psy Rating 2

10 minutes and WP test to remove 1 fatigue

Combat Sense
Use Perception bonus instead of Agility bonus to determine initiative

Unnatural Strength +4

Unnatural Toughness +4

Larraman’s Organ: only 5% chance to die from blood loss each round

Catalepsean Node: no perception penalties from sleep deprivation

Omophagea: eat people to gain memories

Sus-an Membrane: suspended animation, voluntary or from unconsciousness due to critical damage

Betcher’s Gland: spit acid, 9m 1d5 pen4 toxic, 3+ degrees blind for 1d5 rounds

Black Carapace: doesn’t work on Term Armour

Preomnor: +10 against poisons


Legionnaire Terminator Armour BC (Scavenged Reconstruction)
15 AP, 200kg +10 to Intimidate, Infamy, or Command tests against other Marines
35 Force Field (no overload) +5 Command, +20 Awareness (Auspex)
Systems: A-S, SPS, Bio-Mon, Osmotic Gill, Nutrient Recycling

Legion Reaper Autocannon CC (Fire Selector, Telescopic Sight)
72kg S/4/-/, 3d10+8I pen 6, 40 clip(x3), 2 full reload (40/0/0 rounds spent)
Twin-Linked, Reliable, 300m Range, Heavy type

Legion Frag Grandes (4)
2d10+2 X, Blast (4)

Force Staff CC
1d10+2 I, 2 pen
May act as a Psy-Focus when held in one or more hands

CC Micro-Bead (~1km range)
CC Backpack (50kg limit)
3 dbl-clips, Reaper (6 lbs. /ea)



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